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Buying Property in Thailand | Thailand Property Group

Buying Property in Thailand is very easy with the help of Thailand Property Group; we provide a huge range of properties for sale in Thailand and a full assistance for your real future investment.  Buying Property in Thailand represents a great opportunity for investment. Buying Property made easy in Thailand thanks to Thailand Property Group. We offer a full service and assist buyers with tools and resources to own that dream Home.

Luxury Real Estate Thailand |
Invest in Thailand

We are specialized in Luxury Real Estate in Thailand, we provide Luxury villas, Condominiums and Apartments. In Thailand the Luxury Real Estate started growing from the end of the 80s, people from around the world seized the opportunity and invested in a profitable growing Luxury real Estate Market in Thailand.


Land For Sale in Thailand | Invest in Phuket

Thailand Property Group has the largest list of Land for sale in Thailand.
The best Lands for sale in Thailand are situated in Phuket, where you can build your dream home and use the Land for your future real estate investment in Thailand. All lands for sale offered by our Group are a real opportunity to start your Business and set up your life in Thailand; a country with many amazing attractions in very known cities like Phuket, Pattaya, Bangkok…

Why Buying Property in Thailand

Growing Economy: Thailand has made remarkable progress in expanding economic freedom, consequently moving from a low-income to an upper-income country and this in less than a generation.
Stable Environment: Thailand is ranked 11th among 42 countries in the Asia–Pacific region, and its overall score is well above the regional and world averages.
Low Taxes: There are no general property taxes (capital tax on property imposed by the government) in Thailand. Owner-occupied residences are exempt from building and land tax .
Strategic location: The EEC is set to become the gateway to Asia thanks to its strategic location, bringing together trade, transportation and investment.

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Business-Friendly Environment

Thailand has abundant natural resources and a complete IT network (even better than Malaysia). Additionally Thailand have skilled workforce, modern transport and communication facilities. All of these provide the best living and working conditions, and these infrastructures and services are one of the important reasons why tourists and investors flock to Thailand.

Lifetime Investment Planning

Investing in real estate is usually a life project, which must be carefully researched and prepared to ensure its viability and longevity. Thailand is ASEAN’s number one tourist destination. It is recognized as an ideal destination and an ideal location for real estate investment.

The destinations are numerous and offer a rental investment, from 7% to 9% net per year.

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