Thailand – Education

There are international schools for every age group for private education In Phuket (Thailand), ranging from pre-school to higher education. Most international schools can be found in Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin and on the Eastern Seaboard.

International schools in Thailand are popular among expatriates but also among Thai students. Many so-called international schools have less than 10% of international students. However, the classes are usually held in English or other foreign languages. The facilities and quality of teaching in international schools are usually of a high standard and the class sizes are small.

International schools in Thailand usually follow the American or British curriculum. There are also some schools that follow the German, Swiss, Japanese or Indian curriculum.

International schools in Thailand have to follow certain conditions as set by the Ministry of Education regarding ownership of the school, the location, and structure of buildings, sanitary installations, administration and educational support facilities such as libraries, resources centers, etc.

Some international schools are listed on the website of the International Schools Association of Thailand or at the website of the Thai Ministry of Education.

Besides the fees that have to be paid for international schools, foreign students will normally need an ED visa, birth certificate, health certificate, and an immunization records document.