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Patong - Phuket - Thailand

LB Aresia Hotel Investment | Property Phuket



  • fitness
  • Fully furnished
  • Gym
  • High ceilings
  • hotel sercices
  • Japanese Garden
  • Karaoke
  • kids pool
  • Laundry
  • Lounge area
  • Meeting rooms
  • parking
  • prestigious receptions
  • Restaurant
  • Shops
  • Swimming Pool


Starting from 16000 $


Management| Property Phuket

LB Aresia is specialised exclusively in hotel investments and
management. With years of expertise, they are committed to identifying
prime properties for your vested interests. Both short term through profit
optimisation, and long term, through operational cost control and
maintenance of the real estate asset, LB Aresia strategically improve financial
results and give the best ROI back to investors. With years of
expertise, we are committed to identifying prime properties, with a high
potential for financial growth.

A guarantee of high returns of up to 7 % annual

Invest in existing and already operational properties.

They optimise returns by:

• Providing expert operating experience
• Market positioning
• Digital marketing and E-commerce
• Revenue management and optimisation
• Cost control management
• Long term sustainable business practices

Green Business| Plastic-free and eco-friendly properties 

Recent COVID 19 crisis has highlighted a multitude of shortfalls from hotel
managements who lack experience and professionalism. Hotels and
resorts face closures and loss of countless jobs which leading to major
turmoil in the economy.

Incredible resorts are left deserted and neglected, with a high risk of
deterioration due to the tropical climate and lack of maintenance.
However, this unfortunate chain of events also presents excellent
opportunities for investors to take over exceptional properties with low or
no key money. Alongside with our operational and guest-experience
expertise as well as a clear direction in marketing and revenue strategy, we
are certain to give the properties a new lease of life and open up opportunities for a more profitable future.

We consider this current unfortunate event to have presented enormous
profit-making possibilities.



5 Years / 7 %  Guaranteed annual return / 100% Cashback
       (Minimum 500,000 THB and Maximum 5,000,000 THB)
10 Years/ 9 % Guaranteed annual return / 100% Cashback
       (Minimum 1,000,000 THB and Maximum 10,000,000 THB)
15 Years and more / 11% Guaranteed annual return / 100% cashback
       (Minimum 11,000,000 THB and Maximum 20,000,000 THB)

Up to 35 nights free stay in one of our Five Stars Resort


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