he sinking fund is a one-time payment made by the owner of a unit in a condominium. Calculation based upon the square meters of each individual unit. This fee is used to cover the cost of major repairs and upgrades a condominium building and common areas.

In Phuket, this fund fee in condominium ranges from 500 THB to 1,500 THB.

For example, you own 1 bedroom in Surin with area 51sqm with Sinking fund fee 600 THB per sqm.

How you can calculate your one-time fund payment you can see below:
51 sqm x 600 THB per sqm = 30,600 THB.

Mostly, the monthly maintenance fee is paid yearly in advance, what would be:
3,060 THB per month x 12 months = 36,720 THB.

Common area fee and sinking fund is an extra payment that is necessary when purchasing a condominium